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Salon Tales from Lockdown (5th September 2021)

The days seem to blur, but it does appear it’s over two weeks already since we plunged into our latest lockdown. We didn’t know it at the time, but Dave & I had just enjoyed a big night out with the team in Auckland on the 14th August to celebrate Robyn’s return to Bare (now as Manager of our Grey Lynn salon). It’s been an 18-month journey for Robyn after being stranded with a suitcase full of bikinis in Hawaii only to be shipped back to the UK for the worst of winter when the first lockdown hit in March last year. We are so happy to have her return, but disappointed for her that she’d only had a few weeks of freedom and being back in the salon before this lockdown.

Anyway, it was a great night out with the team and it’s possible some were still nursing hangovers when the lockdown was announced.

Like everybody, we spent the first week watching very intently to the locations of interest and were incredibly relieved that our event location has still not appeared! None the less, we’ve had about 6 of our team so far need to be tested for Covid based on other locations of interest and contacts and all negative to date which is a great relief. I’m sure you’ve all been in a similar position watching and reading the updates closely. It feels very close to home this time.

Here in Tauranga, where Dave and I are based these days, we’re now lucky enough to be at Level 3. I won’t say no to the reduced Level but can honestly say I’d swap alert levels round if I could. Auckland has worn the brunt of these lockdowns and it is so hard on everyone – whether you’re in a bubble on your own, own a business that can’t operate, having to work and home-school at the same time, or you’re an essential worker out there in the firing line. It’s tough.

For us as business owners, it’s mostly the uncertainty that causes anxiety. When you’re so used to being in charge of your own destiny it’s hard to not have any control over when we can be back trading. But, the sun is shining. Spring is in the air and we remain positive we’ll all be able to connect again in a few weeks.

As usual, our team have been awesome over the last couple of weeks. I’m really proud of them. We’ve had lots of great conversations about Bare and how we operate once back up and running. There’s also been a lot of baking, crafting, family time, online training, sharing of old photos (!), and a bit of selfcare. Tanika, our Belmont Salon Manager, went into lockdown armed with a goody bag of products and plunged straight into a medical-grade skin peel. Which we’re now enjoying the daily before and after pics of.



If you’re finding the lockdown playing havoc with your skin, please let us know and we’ll have one of the team touch base for a complimentary skin consult to help out. They are desperate to be doing something related to their trade so please reach out. I know they’ll take great care of you.

We can’t deliver products just yet, but the team will work some magic with whatever you have in the bathroom drawers. Or even if you just want to chat with your favourite therapist – they’re available to you.

If you do need skincare products, Natasha and the great team at 200 Doors who supply Dermalogica are open to ship directly in the interim. Buying via their website allows you to select your local Bare salon at check-out and that actually counts as a sale for us so please feel free to purchase away! Again, if you’re not sure what your skin needs – get in touch.



We’re aiming to be up and running in our little Salon bubbles at Level 2 with the precautions in place to look after you, and our team. This time around it does feel a bit different. Covid, and this Delta variant feels very real.

Most of our therapists are only just entering eligibility for vaccination so we’ve been spending a bit more time researching masks and face-shields.

On the face-shield front, it looks a bit of a miss for Skin Therapists. Vision is quite impaired for the delicate work required, especially for brow and lash treatments, and are literally a bit too in-your-face in a salon setting when your client is lying down.

What we do know is that masks will be incredibly important, and that function will override fashion. As a result I’m currently trialing a number of masks at home on that front. I’m sure many of you may be in the same boat so I’d love to know which mask brand you think is the business.

At this stage in terms of the diary – we’ve largely left appointments in place until we know more around reopening dates.

This means we’re able to prioritise those with existing bookings when we start rescheduling.

Sam is in her element looking at how we’ll roster the teams to ensure we keep tight bubbles once we’re back open as well.

We know it’s always a busy time when we do re-open (not to mention it’s now Spring), so if you’re worried about the rush on bookings, you can buy an on-line voucher here.

Not only will this help us out through the lockdown, but we’ll get your details through to the team so we can prioritise you into the diary early when the doors finally open.

We’re also running a product giveaway for vouchers purchased as a way of saying thanks. As a small business, we really appreciate it.


We’d love a follow if you’re on Instagram. All our updates are posted there as soon as we have them.

We’ll also be handing over the reins to our team as they start doing some therapist takeovers during lockdown. I’m sure some will be educational and informative….and others probably just entertaining 😊

In the meantime, please stay safe.

x Viv (& Dave, the husband in Accounts)

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