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Bare becomes NZ's first waxing salon to join the Sustainable Salons revolution!

Updated: May 27, 2022

This month we launched our partnership with Sustainable Salons to address our environmental footprint as a business. This means that when you visit us, you're helping save materials from landfill and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Materials received and used in salon are separated by us, and collected by our Sustainable Salons team.

Every effort is made to then re-purpose our waste into something that can be reused,right here in New Zealand. As we are amongst the first beauty salons to join this revolution, there will still be things that we can't yet recyclable or repurpose - but as Sustainable Salons grow their footprint across New Zealand, so do their efforts to find solutions for ALL salon waste.

Because we believe that we are all responsible for the ethical disposal of waste produced by a product or service we choose to consume, this means a very small fee is added to your treatments with us. This fee is provided directly to Sustainable Salons, a non-for profit organisation. Fun fact - we can even purchase our salon gloves from waste recycled by Sustainable Salons.

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