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Tan Rescue: $5 Donated to Animal Rescue with every Spray Tan

As the founder of Bare, I’m often asked what my favourite treatment is.

Easy, a spray tan has always been my number one. Something magic happens in that booth, you go in feeling pretty average and 15 minutes later you look fabulous. And from the other side of the spray tan gun, it’s (almost) as good being the person delivering a perfect spray tan and imparting happiness to someone else.

Tan Rescue is all about helping our clients feel good and do some good at the same time. Which means from September, for every spray tan we perform, we’ll be gifting $5 directly to animal rescue (this month the Auckland SPCA).

As the mum of three dogs, all of questionable backgrounds (with the exception of one full-blooded rescue), and a very tolerant 15-year old SPCA moggy, I know I’m a fully subscribed pet lover. Probably why my husband has banned me from taking in any this stage at least! So this promotion is very close to my heart. Our team are all animal lovers too, so really it was just a matter of time before we found something to combine our love of pets and therapy.

In case you need any more reasons to book a spray tan with us…Spring is finally here. The days are finally getting longer and warmer and it’s time to start breaking out the summer wardrobe. A spray tan is an affordable self-care ritual. A way to feel great in a manner of minutes. Not to mention a much safer way to tan than baking in the sun. We know NZ has some of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, and that sun exposure is a significant contributor to premature skin aging – so I think we could almost call it a health treatment.

Tan Rescue is more than just a beauty promotion. It’s about feeling good while doing some good. I think that’s what we call a win-win.


PS – All products stocked by Bare are certified Cruelty Free.

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