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Top Tips for a Pain Free Wax

Not all waxing experiences are created equally. Vivianne Bryant, owner of Bare Waxing & Skin Centres, says,

“the single most important factor in waxing is the experience of the therapist – “Brazilian waxing especially is a skill that requires a high degree of trust between client and therapist”.

So Bare will make certain to provide you a well trained, kind and professional therapist but beyond that there are things that you personally can control to help limit any discomfort: Plan to wax after your period. Your pain threshold is higher in the week after your period than beforehand. Generally you are more sensitive to pain just before and during your period. Pain Relief. Take 2 Panadol or Nurofen about 30-45 minutes before your wax – this can help reduce any localised pain and also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Schedule your appointment between 3pm and 5pm. Research show this is when our pain threshold is at it’s highest. Exfoliate 24-48 hours before hand. This will help remove dead skin and lift the shorter hairs allowing for the wax to more easily grip the hair. Breathe. Taking a deep breath as the wax goes on, and a short exhale as it comes off really does help. Be regular. Regular monthly waxes (especially down there!) mean hair is more easily removed and the waxing experience is a whole lot quicker. Wax Quality. Make sure your therapist is using a hot wax for your bikini area – this is the wax that grips only to your hair rather than your skin. Not only is it a lot less painful, but you will get a better result and decrease any likelihood of skin lifting.

Almost without fail, new clients to Bare Waxing comment that it was much, much less painful than they expected it to be (and nowhere near as awkward as you might imagine). Happy waxing!

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