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Male Waxing FAQ's

Almost everything you’d want to know as a male visiting Bare.

Q. What’s the procedure for body waxing?

A. Depending on what area is being waxed, your therapist will explain to you what items of clothing she needs you to remove. We always provide towels for draping, as well as disposable g-strings for full leg or male Brazilian waxing.

Q. How painful is waxing?

A. Well, we do a huge amount of male waxing and anecdotally we can say that guys generally find it a bit more uncomfortable than our female clients. Having said that, no one has cried (yet) – and we are all waxing experts so we get the waxing part done as quickly as possible. Taking a couple of Panadol or aspirin 30 mins before your treatment can also help any sensitivity.

Q. What’s the most popular male waxing treatment?

A. Back and shoulder waxing would definitely be the most popular….followed by nose and ear waxing, male Brazilian waxes, chests, buttocks…you name it!

Q. What about facials – what do men have done?

A. We actually do a lot of skin treatments for men. Not so different from women – our male clients sometimes want specific skin concerns addressed (hydration, acne, pigmentation) or often it’s the relaxation factor that’s appealing. For our one-hour facials our clients always receive a scalp massage, face massage as well as neck and shoulder area. Seriously – all men should try a facial once in their life as least. Preferably monthly!

Q. What after-care do I need to be aware of following waxing?

A. Have a look at our before and after care page

Q. What does exfoliate mean, and why do we need to do it?

A. Exfoliating refers to the removal of dead skin cells. It can be done through chemical or mechanical methods. Mechanical is when you use a scrub, loofah brush, scratchy face cloth etc to physically polish the skin. A chemical exfoliation, on the other hand, achieves the goal through chemical action by acids (alpha hydroxy/AHA and beta hydroxy/BHA acids) or enzymes, like papain (papaya extract) or bromelian (pineapple extract). Enzymes break down the lipids that act like glue/cement that holds the dead skin cells together, and thus help exfoliation. Sometimes the two are combined within a single scrub product. Your skin therapist can advise on the right method depending on your skin type.

Some of the benefits of exfoliating include:

  • Prevention of ingrown hairs following waxing (or shaving)

  • Improving skin texture (smoother & softer, helps maintain hydration level of the epidermis)

  • Easing deep pore cleansing, extractions, product penetration, and more effective delivery of ingredients into the skin.

  • Increasing cell turnover rate – and bringing new cells to the surface faster.

  • Helping stimulates blood flow and circulation

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