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Tips on Selecting a Waxing Salon

When you are entrusting your delicate bits to someone, you need to feel confident they know what they are doing.  We look at some the key criteria in selecting a reputable salon or spa for your waxing.

Hygiene and cleanliness:

Nothing is more off-putting that going to a place that doesn’t look clean and hygienic.  A good salon will ensure any traces of a previous client are banished before you get into the room.  Look for:

  • A strict no-double dipping policy – who wants spatulas used on their personal bits that have been re-dipped in wax used by another client?
  • Disposable gloves worn by the therapist for any intimate waxing
  • Fresh bed sheet for your wax
  • Clean wax pots, a tidy treatment room and sterilised utensils (e.g. tweezers)
  • A hygiene certificate displayed prominently in reception


If the price looks too good to be true, generally it is!  Good therapists should be paid well and that should be reflected in the price you pay for your treatment.  You don’t want salons cutting corners when it comes to delivering a high quality, hygienic, safe and pain free wax.


How experienced are the therapists?  Do they specialise in waxing?  Do they look like they actually enjoy waxing?  If the answers are ‘very, yes and yes!’ then you know you are onto a winner.

Being waxed ‘down there’ can be a daunting experience so you need a therapist who makes you feel comfortable from start to finish – someone who explains the procedure, tells you what they are going to do, is experienced in minimising discomfort and delivers a consistently high treatment every time you visit.  All in a friendly, but professional manner.

Finally – ask around, word of mouth is a powerful tool (as is google!) – see what kind of reviews a place has had, check out their online presence and what other clients to have to say about them.

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