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Russian Woman Syndrome

Russian Woman Syndrome

Posted by Vivianne McIntosh in Convenience grooming, Facials & Skin, Salon ponderings 07 Mar 2018

A girlfriend of mine, Anna, sent me this picture recently after realising the commonly heard term ‘Rushing Woman Syndrome’ had nothing to do with Russian women and any extreme lifestyle habits. Now it makes me laugh whenever I hear the term.

It’s real though – we see first-hand at the salons on a daily basis how demanding our clients’ lives are.  Especially in Auckland where travel-time and commuting can often encroach on any down-time one might have had otherwise.

Life is full of commitments and priorities.  Work, home, children, partners, community, hobbies.  We completely get that when something has to give, it’s often the salon appointment.  And that’s ok.  In fact we say that’s more than ok.  Except when it’s the ‘me-time’ you need to prioritise.  In which case, flag working late or baking for the latest school fundraiser and see us instead!

Seriously though – We want visiting our salons to be as easy as possible.  That’s why we’ve ensured free car-parking is available at all of them right outside the doors.

Why we implemented online bookings (and the ability to cancel and reschedule online as well) as soon as the technology was available to us.

Why we train our therapists to be super time-efficient with waxing treatments.

And why we roster our diary to ensure we can still accommodate some same-day bookings.  Because sometimes you just don’t know when you’ll get a gap in the diary until the day itself.

But I’d love to know what else can we do to make visiting us even more convenient?  We’re in the service industry and we’re about making people feel good.  So how do we make it even easier for you?