Traffic Lights - COVID Protection Framework


A quick reminder of the key elements that our salons must operate under within the Traffic Light System - regardless of whether we are at Red or Orange.

  • Bare employees must be fully vaccinated, and are.

  • Clients must also present vaccination passes in order to attend a treatment with us

  • Therapists will be wearing masks in the treatment room

  • We ask clients to do the same where this is possible

  • Please come alone to your appointment

  • Use the scanning tracing app on entry to the salon, and the hand sanitiser provided

  • Call us to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you are unwell, awaiting a COVID test result, or have been identified as a close contact of someone with COVID

Thank you!



Hello dear clients. Well we are now on day 100 of lockdown and our salons being closed.

But that is soon to be behind us as we prepare for re-opening in the first week of December.

Online bookings are open and availability is up to date!

We've already been in touch directly with many of you via our client emails (if you subscribe), by phone or via our social media channels.

Which means you will know that there are some specific conditions we need to meet in order to reopen safely. And I just wanted to reiterate those here.

  • Our team must be vaccinated to perform treatments - and they are

  • Our clients must be vaccinated to book and attend a treatment with us

  • Our team will be wearing masks during your treatments

  • We encourage you to do the same (with the exception of those treatments where that's not possible of course)

The last thing we want is to have our salon doors closed again so as a business we will be doing everything we can to keep our salon clean, hygienic and COVID-free. Our team have all completed the Dermalogica Clean Touch training and we'll be cleaning surfaces on an hourly basis.

We do ask that you come alone to your appointment. That you continue to use the COVID tracing app, and sanitise your hands on arrival and exit with us. These protocols will be in place regardless of whether we are at Red or Orange traffic lights.

Please be gentle and patient with our team as we do reopen. They aren't responsible for the new rules under which we need to operate. They also haven't had a chance to enjoy some of the freedoms that moving to the traffic light system will offer. And they are going to be incredibly busy. We will be trying our hardest. We've missed our clients, our team mates and the work we do sooo much. It's been a long time. We can't wait to be back in salon making people feel good.


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