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My Spray Tanning Obsession

My Spray Tanning Obsession

Posted by Vivianne McIntosh in Spray Tanning 07 Mar 2018

Note: not an ‘actual’ tan….

On an annual girls weekend maybe 14 years ago, before I opened the first Bare salon, we all performed the fun (…and yet potentially fraught with danger) exercise of forecasting each other’s futures.  This was pre-weddings and children for many of us.  I still recall reading my friends predictions for me:

1. I would marry a cop. Check, I met him about three years later;  and

2. I would end up with ‘alopecia of the muff’ and tanorexia.

Hmmm,  I can only assume I was talking about opening a waxing clinic back then otherwise that’s a weirdly strange and uncanny prediction.  I’m sure we also talked career aspirations but this blog is about spray tans not saving the world…we’ll do that next week…maybe.

So yes, I have a longstanding commitment to having some colour. And no, I’ve never been much of a sunbather or sun-bedder (yeah, when those were still a thing).  My fair skin means that any efforts in those regards have been largely unrewarding.

This means my search for the perfect self-tan products were underway well before Bare’s inception.  And while it’s been a little while since I worked in-salon with the spray tan machine I’d estimate having done over 5,000 spray tans on clients.  I cannot tell you how good people feel when they have one – which in turn makes us feel good.

And yes, I know it’s weird that we want to paint ourselves a different colour from what we were born with, but when you’re lily white, bordering on red (some might say purple in the winter time), a tan just makes you feel good.

Wearing shorts, or even a mid length dress with trainers in winter becomes an option.  Outfit options double when I know there’s a healthy looking tan underneath.  And it’s safe.  No skin damage involved.  And the argan-oil tan we use is packed full of organic goodies that hydrate and nourish the skin.  So why not I say.

So if you’ve never had one before and you’re looking for a feel good boost we highly recommend.  And if you’re nervous about having to get naked in front of a therapist – please don’t worry.  There’s no judging.  We all come in different shapes and sizes.  And while I reckon less is best, you decide what you’re comfortable baring.

Got a spray tan question?  We’d love to answer it for you.