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Celebrating 10 Years in Business – It’s Time to Give Back

Celebrating 10 Years in Business – It’s Time to Give Back

Posted by Vivianne McIntosh in Uncategorized 11 Jun 2018

I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since we opened the doors at our first salon in Glen Innes!

Back then there was just two of us; now we have 20 in the team across four locations. It has been quite the journey.

I always wanted to own my own business – it just took me until my 30’s to work out what it was. As it happened I also managed to open a business in a field that I didn’t know much about at the time. But when has that ever stopped women from doing something!

There were elements of the industry I didn’t like; I don’t love the superficial nature and the unrealistic images that can be portrayed. But I am passionate about delivering great service and being able to do that through treatments that make people feel good about themselves. That’s a privilege that I absolutely love.

I also love that each salon is very much a local business in its own community. I love that the salons are about connections and kindness. I love that we have a team of incredible females who are some of the smartest, warmest, opinionated (no names mentioned!) and funniest people I have ever met.

I love that this industry can be hard work, because nothing that’s good comes easy. I love that what we do is about people – our clients and our team.

So to celebrate our birthday we would like to give back. On Monday the 25th June, to mark our 10 years in business, we’ll be giving our entire treatment sales made that day to local charity. The more we make, the more we will donate back so I would love for you to book in with us that day.

We’ve chosen to support two charities for this particular event; Island Child, located in Glen Innes, and The Kindness Institute.

Island Child do incredible work supporting marginalised people in need and of course they are located in Glen Innes, the spiritual home of Bare where we opened our first salon.

The Kindness Institute has a focus on providing mental skills training for our rangitahi (and keeping kindness at their core).

Both of these charities do amazing work and are reliant on community volunteers and funding to continue and grow the work they do. We believe what they offer is simply amazing and would like to help.

So please (!) head over to our online booking page and book yourself in for some fully justified pampering!  And if you can’t make it on Monday, consider checking out these awesome charities and making a donation or volunteering instead.

💚 Viv