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All You Need to Know About Lash Lifts

All You Need to Know About Lash Lifts

Posted by Vivianne McIntosh in Convenience grooming, Lashes 14 May 2018

Lash Lift treatments have exploded in popularity as a great alternative to lash extensions or for clients with sensitivities.  So what exactly is it, how does it work, and why would you want one?  Here we try and explain it all for you.

Essentially a lash lift is exactly that – a process to lift your lashes and give them more shape but without all the maintenance of lash extensions, or the daily use of an eyelash curler.  The lift is achieved using a keratin solution and silicon shields to help mould the best shape for you and then the upper lashes are also tinted.  Lashes look darker, longer and thicker as a result.  Think of it as a push-up bra for your eyes!

It’s a great low maintenance treatment that generally lasts up to ten weeks.  Many clients find they don’t need to use any mascara following the treatment as their lashes look so good on their own.  Applying a keratin conditioning mascara will make them even more glossy and help them pop.

The treatment itself takes about an hour – and isn’t uncomfortable in any way.  In fact, there’s quite a bit of relaxation time and at Bare we use that processing time to indulge you with some relaxation massage or you can choose to add a brow tint to your treament.

This is the perfect treatment for those who have straight or downward facing natural lashes, giving your eyes and face an instant lift.

The Yumi (prounced You-mee) Lash Lift Experience is available at Bare salon locations.


A bit more about the process itself:

– Clean, dry lashes are lifted onto silicone moulds

– We apply cotton pads under the eyes (infused with eye boosting ingredients to give you a brightening, soothing eye treatment at the same time)

– Next we apply a lotion containing protein and serums to soften the lashes and make them more malleable and allow some processing time

– Another layer of lotions – this time containing keratin to set those lashes into shape

–  Then for the tint to really make those lashes pop

– And finally a nourishing lash treatment to add some gloss


The Yumi Last Lift treatment is 100% cruelty free.

Note – this treatment is not suitable in the following circumstances:

– If you have an eye infection such as a stye or conjunctivitis

– If you’ve had recent eye surgery

– You suffer from alopechia


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